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Mail bag and Type

mail bags and type

Mail bag

A mail bag or mailbag is a normal term for a kind of bag used for accumulating, sporting, categorizing, and classifying distinctive varieties of postal material, relying on its precedence, destination, and technique of shipping. it’s miles oftentimes used by a post office gadget in transporting those distinctive grades of mail.[A] the mailbag is carried by means of a few way of transporting like a mail service, animal (e.g., mule, horse), or a mobile put up office. letters and revealed fabric added with the aid of mail in the seventeen-masses were carried by way of horse in a saddle bag. there are numerous unique forms of mailbags for specific purposes (e.g., transporting mail to and from post workplaces, delivering mail to corporations and homes. these unique forms of mailbags depend on its length and cause. it is able to variety from “a huge bag used for transporting mail on a truck, aircraft, and so forth.” to a simple “postbag” used by a mail carrier to deliver mail.[1]

mail bags and type

The concept of getting mail bags on board ships touring among Jamaica and remarkable Britain was set up as early as 1780. the call of the deliver sporting a letter become placed on the nook of the letter in order that it would be put into the proper mail bag for the destination intended.[2]

A mailbag in the course of the us history has been called various names relying on its form and feature at the time, a number of which are now out of date. among-st those names are mail sack, mail satchel, mail pouch, catcher pouch, Mochila, and portmanteau.

mail bags and type

Personal mail baggage or so-known as “locked bags” are a international solution for specialized mail delivery to a single region. like PO field addresses, personal mail bag addresses miss the call of the building and avenue, and include simplest the variety allotted to the user.[6] personal mail bag addresses are often utilized in nations in Africa in which there can be no avenue delivery carrier. in Europe and north america, where street shipping is more not unusual, huge customers can be allocated their very own postal codes, and therefore want handiest use their bodily address in correspondence; the postal code implies that the recipient gets mail by using caller carrier.[6] non-public mail bags can be in lieu of a submit workplace box,[6] however from time to time can pass thus far as to have an individualized company zip code.

Mail sacks

A mail sack is a decrease safety magnificence mailbag used to carry 2nd-class, 0.33-magnificence, and fourth-elegance mail. it does now not have a locking mechanism with it.

Mail satchel

A mail satchel is a tool letter providers use over-the-shoulder for supporting the transport of private mail to organizations and houses

Mail pouch

A mail pouch is a strong fabric (e.g., canvas) mail bag designed to fasten at the pinnacle to save you get entry to into the bag. they may be usually used for transporting great and registered mail to and from different put up places of work. mail pouches additionally carry military domestic and army airmail.

Catcher pouch

A catcher pouch become a mail bag used best with the aid of the railway post workplace in replacing mail while the teach did not stop on the metropolis.[10] it became most famous inside the past due nineteenth century and the early twentieth century


A mochila turned into a removable lightweight leather-based cover put over a horse saddle for wearing mail and turned into utilized by the pony explicit.


A portmanteau changed into a visiting suitcase used as a mailbag inside the eighteenth and 19th centuries to hold both letters and newspapers. while it opened it had one-of-a-kind booths, one for letters and the opposite for newspapers.

Mailbag in popular culture

With the arrival of parcel submit in 1913, after a few adults dispatched their youngsters in the mails— with postage affixed to apparel— the u.s. postmaster widespread issued rules barring such shipment. the concept became that kids were underneath the 50 lb. weight restrict, and that it was loads cheaper to mail them than to pay rail fares. in part, the regulation observed a letter inquiring as to whether parcel submit might be appropriate, and the postmaster well known become of the opinion that children were not in the definition of “bees and bugs”, which had been the simplest fauna approved to be mailed.[13] although, numerous children have been actually mailed. on 13 June 1920, sending children by way of parcel publish became officially forbidden.[13][14] thereafter, a mail bag full of a infant changed into prominently featured in a humorous picture to demonstrate the prohibition.[15]
the shape of this sack is so evocative and iconic that it inspired the “counterfeit mail bag” within the j. peter man organization catalog.[16]

mail bag and type
Phantom ranch, in the grand canyon, is one of two places in the USA wherein mail continues to be transported with the aid of mule in especially designed leather-based mailbags.[17] the opposite region is supra, Arizona, inhabited with the aid of havasupai native american Indians, also inside the grand canyon.
illusionist and escapologist Houdini first popularized the so-called “mailbag escape” using u.s. postal service mailbags, after having determined the British postbags fallacious.[20]

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