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Corner Long Sleeve Pocket Polo

Corner Long Sleeve Pocket Polo
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Corner Long Sleeve Pocket Polo

Corner Long Sleeve Pocket Polo: Flow around easily in this at ease, yet long lasting polo. convey your favorite pens with the stitched chest pocket!

Long Sleeve Pocket Polo

Our polo shirt for men uses pique knitting which makes it appearance greater fashionable and offers more consolation. the long lasting design ensures that these superb polo shirts for guys appearance new-like even after several wash cycles and your love for them maintains to upward push!

Corner Long Sleeve Pocket Polo

features: Casual commercial enterprise fashion, solid color, knit tipped collar, button up, cozy and smooth, perfect fit and breathable, now not smooth to wrinkle with robust sturdiness, very suitable for golf. a small pen/pencil pocket inside the left chest pocket,with the intention to makes you experience splendid and elegant while you put on it.

Corner Long Sleeve Pocket Polo

Polo shirts: originated in the nineteenth century, at the start called tennis shirts, have been firstly the clothes worn by using nobles when they performed polo, likely due to the fact they had been comfortable. they favored to wear brief-sleeved clothes with collars.

Over time: it turned into referred to as ‘polo blouse’ , and later have become popular with the public, so it developed into general entertainment clothing. originally knitted from worsted wool, it was firstly referred to as jersey blouse because of its area on jersey island, that is distant places in England. it turned into used for soccer, boating and other sports wear.

Later: from tennis, polo, golf, sailing jersey to mass casual sports clothing.

Nowadays: with the improvement of the times, polo shirts have turn out to be the important clothes for men’s wardrobes in society and households.

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